Vol.16 No.1

A: English Language, Communication, Linguistics, French

♦ Syntactic Form and Aesthetic Function in Ben Okjri’s The Famished Road cycle – Ogo A. Ofuani & Ray Nwabenu Chikogu   Abstract (PDF)    Full Paper (PDF)

The Pragmatics of Creative Metaphors in Selected Nigerian Print Media Advertising – Felix Nwabueze Ogoanah & Elizabeth Abu     Abstract (PDF)    Full Paper (PDF)

Implications of News Commodification for Media Professionalism in Nigeria – Uwem Akpan & Nsikan Senam     Abstract (PDF)    Full Paper (PDF)

Reporting Government’s Perspective in News, Features, and Specialised Writing – Nsikak Solomon Idiong     Abstract (PDF)    Full Paper (PDF)

Visual Art as an Effective Tool for Information Dissemination – Ime Ukim     Abstract (PDF)    Full Paper (PDF)

Monophthongisation and Vowel Lengthening in Educated Urhobo English – Don C.Utulu     Abstract (PDF)    Full Paper (PDF)

A Constraint-Based Account of Assimilation in Anaang – Itoro Michael     Abstract (PDF)    Full Paper (PDF)

Théâtre, ethos et catharsis: une étude comparée de Trois prétendants…un mari de Guillaume Oyono Mbia et Les Espoirs perdus d’Unimna Angrey – Ndongo Kamdem Alphonsé     Abstract (PDF)    Full Paper (PDF)

B: English Stylistics, Fine Arts, History and International Studies

Technical and Philosophical Analysis of Gani Odutokun’s Paintings – Kefas Danjuma     Abstract (PDF)    Full Paper (PDF)

The Emergence of an Igala Group in the Lower Niger Region: A Study of the Ebu People c1600-1800AD – Jude Azuka Asenime     Abstract (PDF)    Full Paper (PDF)

An Analysis of the Use of Adverbials in Selected Football Commentaries in Nigeria – Angulu Samson Abaya & Nanchin Solomon Dazang     Abstract (PDF)    Full Paper (PDF)

C: Literary Stylistics and Literature

Pronominal Strategies: Language and Social Reality in Joe Ushie’s Poetry – Romanus Aboh     Abstract (PDF)    Full Paper (PDF)

The Translation of Chinua Achebe’s Songs in Things Fall Apart – Babatunde Samuel Moruwawo n & Festus Chukwuka Njosi     Abstract (PDF)    Full Paper (PDF)

Moral Culpability in Chukwuemeka Ike’s Our Children Are Coming – Kingston O. Onyijen     Abstract (PDF)    Full Paper (PDF)

Paradoxic al Perspective in Emeka Nwabue ze’ s Guardian of the Cosmos and A Dance of the Dead – Oge A. Ikediugwu & Bode Steve Ekundayo     Abstract (PDF)    Full Paper (PDF)

A New Consciousness in Tony Afejuku’s An Orchard of Wishes – Sunny Awhefeada     Abstract (PDF)    Full Paper (PDF)

Ecological Constituents of Some Yoruba Proverbs – I. E. Olaosun & O.T. Akinwale     Abstract (PDF)    Full Paper (PDF)

Sex and Brutality in Shakespeare’s Macbeth – Segun Omosule     Abstract (PDF)    Full Paper (PDF)

D: Philosophy and Religion, Theatre & Performing Arts

John Rawls’ Original Position: A Moral Appraisal – Idorenyin Francis Esikot     Abstract (PDF)    Full Paper (PDF)

Schism in Christianity: The Case of the Anglican Diocese of Benin (1995-2013) – Wilson Eze Ehianu    Abstract (PDF)    Full Paper (PDF)

Combating Security Challenges in Nigeria through Cultural Revivalism: Paradigms from Traditional African Performances -Teryila Shadrach Ukuma     Abstract (PDF)    Full Paper (PDF) from page 303

Technological Advancement and Theatre Audience in Nigeria – O. U. Jacob & Margaret G. Akpan     Abstract (PDF)    Full Paper (PDF)