Vol. 23 No.1 – May 2019

AJIDAHUN, Clement Olujide, Ph.D. – A Psychoanalytic Reading of Ahmed Yerimas Tuti – Abstract : Full Paper

ADEPOJU, Olalekan Tunde – A Structural Reading of Selected Churches’  Signboards in Ibadan – Abstract : Full Paper

AMAEFULE, Adolphus Ekedimma – African Christian Theology and Its Relevance in the 21st Century – Abstract : Full Paper

ABDULLAHI, Ralia Maijama’a – Auto-affection and the Ear of the Other in Life Writing A Deconstructive – Abstract : Full Paper

Emeka C. IFESIEH – Expanding Relevance of Indexicality of Íkéṅgà in Ebedei Grammar of Spirituality – Abstract : Full Paper

ATIVIE, Karoh – Facework in Tanure Ojaides Gods Medicine Men and Other Stories – Abstract : Full Paper

ONYECHI, Ngozi Joy, Ph.D. & EZENECHE, Onyekachi Raymond – Information Sources as Predictors of Knowledge of Exclusive Breastfeeding – Abstract : Full Paper

HASSAN-BELLO Abdulmajeed, Ph.D. – Islam Terrorism and the Misconceptions of Jihad – Abstract : Full Paper

IDIONG, Nsikak Solomon, Ph.D. – Keeping Power in Check Media Justice and the Rule of Law – Abstract : Full Paper

EMEAFOR, Obinna Franklin & EMEAFOR, Cynthia Ijeoma – Newspaper Coverage of Nigerian Local Foods and Drinks in Two Selected Nigerian Print Media – Abstract : Full Paper

UMOREN, Gerals Emem – Reappraising the Relevance of Religion to the Humanities Insights from the Old Testament – Abstract : Full Paper

UKAM, Edadi Ilem & UWEN, God’sgift Ogban, Ph.D. – Rhythmic Alternation and Stress Clash A Phonological Study of Erei-English – Abstract : Full Paper

KANDJI, Alioune Badara & SY, Mamadou Malal – Tradition and the Individual Talent An African Reception of Eliot’s Poetry – Abstract : Full Paper

ESSIEN, Rosalyn E. – Why Does a University Need Conflict Exploring Explanations from the Humanities – Abstract : Full Paper