Vol. 23 No.2 – October 2019

ILORI, Matthew Olaoluwa – A Sociolinguistic Investigation of Yoruba Proverbs on Security Consciousness in Selected Nollywood Movies – Abstract : Full Paper

OFUANI, Sunday, Ph.D. – An Assessment of the Utilisation of Indigenous Music Elements – Abstract : Full Paper

GUANAH Seigha Jammy – Analysis of Netizens’ Reactions to Religious Leaders Comments – Abstract : Full Paper

BAKRIN, Sirajudeen Femi, ADEBIYI, Rasheed Ademola & SALAUDEEN, Kamoru Aremu – Authorship Patterns in Nigerian Journals of Communication A Bibliometric Approach – Abstract : Full Paper

OMOSOR, Festus Osom – Christianity and African Traditional Medicine A Critical Study – Abstract : Full Paper

OHWAVWORHUA, Prince Oghenetega & ORHERO, Mathias Iroro – Eco Activism in Nnimmo Basseys I Will Not Dance to Your Beat – Abstract : Full Paper

YUSUFF, Afeez B. – Explorations of Linguistic Resources and Styles in Wole Soyinka s Alápatà Àpáta – Abstract : Full Paper

AKUSO, Ezekiel Solomon, Ph.D. & YOHANNA, Gilamdo Kwem – Focalisation and the Representation of Caribbean Realities – Abstract : Full Paper

BATTA, Herbert E., Ph.D. – Interest and Involvement in Science Communication among Nigerian Communication Academics – Abstract : Full Paper

ADIGBUO, Ebere R. & OPONE, Paul O. – Nigeria’s Role in Liberia The Security Challenges for the 21st Century – Abstract : Full Paper

ADESOTE, Samson Adesola, Ph.D. – Oyo Osun Migrant Farmers and Cocotation in Ondo Division 1930s 1960 a Plan – Abstract : Full Paper

OKON, Christopher – Political Advertising and Voting Behaviour of Uyo Residents – Abstract : Full Paper

ALUGBIN, Matthew – Register Shift and Sexuality A Discourse Reading of Herbal Medicine Advertisements – Abstract : Full Paper

OJARUEGA, Enajite Eseoghene, Ph.D. – Sisters at Arms Female Misogyny and Competition in Sam Ukalas Selected Plays – Abstract : Full Paper

ABIMBOLA, Oluremi H., Ph.D., AGBOOLA, Mayowa G., Ph.D. & OLAREWAJU, Oloruntele R. – Social Entrepreneurial Practice and Implications for Quality of Life in Nigeria – Abstract : Full Paper

WILLIE, U. Willie, Ph.D. – Syntax of Object Agreement in Ibibio – Abstract : Full Paper

KGWASI, Obakeng – Tswana Ritual Dance Across Artistic Genres A Performance Appraisal – Abstract : Full Paper