About University of Uyo Journal of Humanities

UNIUYO Journal of Humanities, a publication of the Faculty of Arts, University of Uyo, Nigeria provides outlet for products of research in the Humanities and related disciplines for the promotion of scholarship and deep academic discourse in the humanities. While the Faculty of Arts, University of Uyo, retains the copyright to papers published in UUJH, the responsibility for the contents of such papers and the need to secure copyright waivers rest strictly with the authors.

  • UUJH publishes a Volume a year, with two Issues in each Volume.
  • The Journal also undertakes the publication of a Special Edition or Special Issue, usually from the proceedings of the Faculty of Arts International Conference (FAICON).
  • The UNIUYO Journal of Humanities is a research-based and peer-reviewed journal, which provides a forum for scholars and academics of the humanities and related disciplines to focus on contemporary issues that affect professional practice or the discipline using well-known and established research traditions and reporting formats.
  • The Journal offers the African and global perspectives on contemporary issues in the humanities.
  • UUJH promises to be a credible and scholarly platform for established and budding scholars of the humanities to share their well-researched and well-written research outcomes to members of the global academic community.
  • UUJH maintains a double blind peer review policy for papers submitted for publication. In some instances, the paper could be assigned to an Expert Blind Peer Reviewer and decision on the paper is largely based on the outcome of the blind peer review exercise. However, the Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to first determine the suitability of the submitted paper to the UUJH before assigning it to a Reviewer.

UUJH will be on a Free and open Access until when the Editorial Board decides otherwise. Manuscript should be submitted to the UUJH through the website or via the Editor-in-Chief’s email address at: williewillie@uniuyo.edu.ng.